I got some questions about the pasta posting yesterday. Troy and I went to Italy about 2 years ago and I got a little excited about gnocchi. I probably had them every day we were there, unless we got pizza. I made it a goal to figure out how to do fresh ones. I’d seen them here on the store shelves dried, and that didn’t make sense to me for these bits of pillowy potato goodness.

The other part to this story is that I spent an afternoon recently brainstorming “work” withChuck Holli Jezewski and this is what happened. I always over-produce food, so she suggested letting people know what’s cooking this week and figuring out how to sell it.

One of my business goals is eventually profit-sharing to charities in Michigan. I’m not there yet, but will update when it gets there.

In the meantime, this week, we still have some gnocchi left. They keep for up to 2 months in the freezer. $5.00 a pound, and a recipe for fast sauce included! A pound is 3-5 servings depending on how you serve them and your appetite. Email me for delivery details, please. If you want to order something specific, or have any questions, please ask!

Soon, I will have another site up and running with updates. For now, enjoy the process, and watch for new foods soon!

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